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                                                    Happy Camper


 Campers will enjoy learning how to ride and handle horses in a small group setting so that plenty of individual attention can be given to each rider and their horse.  Each camper will be assigned a horse to work with for the entire camp. They will learn how to care for their needs, brush and bathe, saddle and ride their horse. 


Dates for 2016


June 13-17


July 25-29


August 1-5


Camp fee $325 per session




What to Expect: 


With keeping our groups small we can offer much more personal attention to each rider.
Many facets of horse care will be covered and they include:



  • feeding and cleaning stalls
  • grooming
  • safely working around horses 
  • tacking up
  • care of tack
  • ground-work
  • riding



Natural riding--using the entire body to steer, stop, and start a horse using an understanding of the horse’s mind to communicate in a way it understands ...is the way we begin all our young riders.

During break times, campers will have an opportunity to have a drink and snack. Lunch and swimming will be at the end of the day at the owners pool.


 Ages 7 & up


Drop off time- No earlier than 8:30 a.m.

Pick up time- 1:30 (Please be on time.)

Campers will need to bring the following every day to camp:

  •  Boots and Jeans 
  •  Bagged lunch (drinks and snack will be provided )
  •  Bathing suit and towel (sunscreen )
  •  sandals or tennis shoes
  •  Shorts (optional)
  •  Helmet
  •  Carrots and mints for the horses 
  • Rain boots for creek walking


 20016 Summer Day Camp Registration

Touch of Class Farm  Summer Riding Day Camp, Registration and Emergency Authorization*


Please print out Camp Registration Form* Please specify which camp date you want to register for: ______________________________campers t shirt size_____________________ 


Name of Child:                                                                                                   
Street Address:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
City, State, Zip:                                           :                                                  

Telephone Number:                                          email address:                                                        

Child’s Age:                                               cell Phone:                                                                   cell phone: 
If not at home or work, provide alternate phone number where parents can be reached:(Both must be completed)     Mother:                                                 Father:



People to be contacted in the event of an emergency if the parents cannot be reached: 

Name:                                                    Phone:                                                                                            
City, State, Zip:                                                                  
Relationship to Child:                                                        
Name of                                                                                 Name of Physician or Clinic:                                                          Phone:
Address:                                                                                 Address: 
City, State, Zip:                                                                   City, State, Zip:




Authorization of Treatment:  I hereby give my permission to the medical personnel selected by the camp director to order X-rays, routine tests, treatment, and necessary transportation for me/my child.  In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the Physician selected by the camp director to secure and administer treatment, including hospitalization, for me/my child as named above.  The completed forms may be photocopied for trips out of camp.Signature of Parent or Guardian or Adult camper/staffer: Parents Signature:                                                                                                                   Date:___________________________________________ Witness:                                                                                                                                 Date:___________________________________________  If for religious reasons you cannot sign this, then the camp should be contacted for a legal waiver which must be signed for attendance.

Session(s) $325 per session (please circle)


June 13-17


July 25-29 


August 1-5


 Riding Experience (please circle one)

No Experience 

Previous Camp Experience 

Past/Current Lesson Experience

General Policies

  1. Payment in full is required at the time of registration. ALL payments are non-refundable. Payment and registration must be recieved by : see above dates.
  2. There are no make up classes available if a student would have to miss because of illness, vacation, or any other reason.
  3. Touch of Class Farm will not automatically close due to weather. Camp will not be cancelled due to heat, cold, or rain. In the event of rain, lessons will be held in the Indoor Arena. In the case of thunderstorms, classroom activity will take place.

Student Guidelines

  1. All students must be at  least seven years old.
  2. All students must purchase and wear ASTM (American Safety & Testing Materials) approved riding helmets while mounted .
  3. Students must wear long pants.
  4. Students must wear hard soled  boots with a low heel and light tread or smooth sole when in the barn, stalls and mounted. No tennis shoes , sandals, flip-flops or hiking boots.  
  5. Warnings and Assumption of Risk
    I/We understand that horseback riding is classified as ADVENTURE RECREATIONAL SPORT ACTIVITY and that there are inherent elements of risk always present in any such activity despite all safety precautions. I fully accept such risk, some examples of which are listed as follows:
  6. It is not possible for any person or establishment to predict exactly how a horse will behave when it is frightened, angry or under stress. It may react according to its natural instincts, which are to jump sideways, forward or backward.
  7. Upon mounting a horse and taking up the reins, the rider is in primary control of the horse. If a rider falls from a horse to the ground, it will be a fall from 3 1/2 to 5 feet and impact will be according to physical law, possibly resulting in injury, disability or even death to the rider.

Release Agreement
I/We understand and agree to accept full responsibility for bodily injury which is sustained to me (or my child or the minor whom I have represented myself as the guardian by signing this release) or in relationship to the premises and operations of Touch of Class Farm, and/or while riding or handling horses or other animals owned by Touch of Class Farm; and that I/We hereby, for myself, do hereby release and discharge the owners, operators, sponsors of the premises and their respective servants agents, officers and all other participants of and from all claims, demands, actions, and causes of actions for same injuries.

Agree to Policies , please sign below;